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Better Productivity for Your Home Office

Are you now working from home more often than you used to? Are you as productive as you want to be? It could be that your current home office hardware and infrastructure may not be helping you achieve maximum productivity. Here are some ideas that might help your home office feel more like your old office.


First, let’s look at the easy changes that we can do right away. Does your office have enough outlets? Using extension cords is a sign that you need a wiring upgrade. They’re not very safe. They’re unsightly. And they’re unnecessary when you have the infrastructure you need.

At Arrow Electric, our team of electricians can help you increase the number of outlets and can add in some USB outlets as well. Instead of clogging up your existing outlets when you’re charging your USB devices, we can add in some USB outlets and help you with functionality. Changing out your current outlets with USB outlets can double the amount of useable outlets in your home!

Dedicated Computer Circuit

Another easy improvement is adding a dedicated computer circuit for the office/computer equipment. Because computers use more sophisticated components and are more sensitive to any changes in the electrical signal, a dedicated circuit is a needed safety feature. This circuit isolates your computer equipment from other devices on other circuits, such as heaters and refrigerators that intermittently draw more power. Whatever happens elsewhere in the home’s electrical system is separate from your computers.

Surge Suppressors and Power Conditioners

You’re probably familiar with a surge suppressor that plugs into your outlets. But a better option is a whole-home surge suppressor. This is installed near your electrical panel and offers protection from electrical surges for your entire home.

Another upgrade to consider is a power conditioner, which helps to deliver a stable and reliable current to your devices.

Hard-Wired Internet for Consistent Speed

Lastly, replacing Wi-Fi with a hard-wired internet connection can provide a more stable connection that’s better for high-bandwidth tasks like videoconferencing. If you ever find that your Wi-Fi is a bit unreliable, a hard-wired connection will solve that problem. It’s also a benefit when you have multiple users competing for bandwidth.

If you’re ready to upgrade your home office, call the experts at Arrow Electric to learn more about these and other improvements to boost your home office productivity!

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